The Vermilions are unique

The Vermilions is a fund administration and fund management network with a long history of serving clients both within the Europe and internationally. With roots tracing to 1985 and offices in Amsterdam, Dublin, Geneva, Luxembourg, Sofia (Bulgaria), Zurich, BVI, Cayman Islands, Naperville (USA) and Singapore.

The Vermilions refers to the global network and may refer to one or more of the member firms each of which are separate and independent legal entities. The Vermilions is a network empowered by VBK+CO Group Holding SA, Swiss Financial Services Ltd and PvB Pernet von Ballmoos AG. These are fully independent managed and independently owned firms.

The Vermilions is an independent provider of fund administration, fund management, accounting and compliance services to investment funds, family offices and corporate clients and administers, with over 100 staff, in excess of USD 17bn in investment funds and for family offices, representing a variety of strategies including long only, hedge fund, private equity, real estate, CTA and “fund of funds”.

We are The Vermilions :  Stronger, Bigger and Better


The Vermilions are the customers’ allies and as such we will uphold the importance of any client relationship. Working with us comes with the benefit of dealing directly with the managing partners of our companies: people who really pay attention, take ownership of issues and walk the talk.

Independent Minds

As boutique providers, The Vermilions bring together people who really like what they do. And it shows: in our can-do attitude and our energy to take matters into our own hands. It also means we can customize our services much more than any large corporate environment would allow.

Deeply Rooted

The Vermilions emphasize long lasting relationships not only towards our clients but also with our staff, our most precious asset. Our staff has been with us for years and we take pride in the accumulated skills, experience and the talent which we are able to offer to our clients. The great care The Vermilions exercise in selecting, developing and retaining talent gives our customers access to some of the most skilled professionals in the industry.