The Swiss Funds & Asset Management Association (“SFAMA”) announced that as at 28 February 2015, the volume of assets placed in the investment funds covered by the statistics compiled by Swiss Fund Data AG and Morningstar stood at just under CHF 870 billion, an increase of around CHF 44 billion month-on-month. The net inflows totaled more than CHF 8 billion.

The volume of assets entrusted by investors in Switzerland to the fund industry came to CHF 868.0 billion in February 2015 (January 2015: CHF 824.2 billion). “The marked gains on
the equity markets saw fund volumes increase by some 5.3% in the month under review. The net inflows of money also persisted, with virtually all fund categories profiting from this. Even bond funds continued to enjoy inflows. This is likely to change soon since the historically low interest rates can scarcely satisfy the return requirements of many institutional investors any longer,” explained Mr. Markus Fuchs, CEO of SFAMA.

By comparison, the figures for selected indexes in February 2015 were as follows (January 2015 in brackets): Dow Jones 5.64% (-3.69%), S&P 500 5.49% (-3.10%), EURO STOXX 50 7.39% (6.52%), and SMI 7.51% (-6.55%). The CHF lost 2.71% against the EUR, and 0.21% against the USD.

Net new money totaling some CHF 8.1 billion was invested in funds in February 2015. Equity funds posted the strongest inflows (CHF 4,211.4 million), followed by bond funds (CHF 3,144.8
million), and asset allocation funds (CHF 1,238.4 million). The only categories to record net outflows were money market funds (CHF 911.5 million), and commodity funds (CHF 217.3 million). There were no changes in the ranking of the most popular asset classes: equity funds 40.92%, bond funds 30.91%, asset allocation funds 12.45%, and money market
funds 7.01%.