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Independent Directors

The duties of directors are governed by the laws of each applicable jurisdiction and include specific statutory and fiduciary duties. The duties and responsibilities of directors are towards the investment fund, its shareholders and towards third party stakeholders.

During the fund formation process, our directors provide proper oversight and will assess that the structure of the investment fund is meeting with current industry standards and practices. Our directors will also ensure that the terms and conditions of the service providers, such as bank/custodian/prime broker, investment manager, administrator, legal advisor and auditor, are appropriate. All corporate documents and agreements are periodically subject to an extensive verification procedure.

During the regular course of the investment fund’s business, we recommend that board of directors meetings are held on a consistent and regular basis, where matters of substance are discussed. Furthermore, the NAV, investor transactions and financial statements of the investment fund will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Defining independence and identifying potential conflicts of interest of directors is, or should be, of major concern to investors. We offer independent personal directors on a case by case basis.