Fund accounting

At VBK+CO we provide for multi-currency accounting maintenance, including fully reconciled Net Asset Value production with flexible reporting frequencies (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly), preparation of annual accounts, including semi-annual accounts, complete cash and securities reconciliations and independent pricing of the investment funds’ portfolios (including price comparisons and analysis).

We use leading data vendors to obtain all pricing, trading, corporate fundamental and reference information. We provide for equalization accounting, including the series of shares and consolidation method, which is automated within our accounting system.

Our systems are designed to achieve maximum efficiency and accuracy in the processing and storage of external data. The open architecture of our systems allows the use of electronic data interfaces with prime brokers and custodians for straight through data processing and automatic reconciliation. All your data is stored within a specialized data center. The data center has implemented the highest levels of physical security and redundancy of both hardware and power supply.

From both a business continuity and disaster recovery perspective, the use of a specialized data center provides for the most secure and stable environment for our clients.

Investor Relations

We offer registrar and transfer agency services, including full adherence to due diligence and relevant AML regulations. VBK+CO carries out shareholder record keeping and all related functions, such as processing subscription applications and redemption requests, including contract note issuance and the collection and disbursement of moneys in respect of subscriptions and redemptions. We also arrange for timely price publication and distribute information and valuation reports to shareholders.