We will work side-by-side with you and your organization to introduce industry best practices in the incorporation and structuring of investment funds.

Investment funds can be organized under a number of alternative structures in various jurisdictions. Common structures include stand-alone funds, multiple class funds, master/feeder funds, segregated portfolio companies, UCITS and non-UCITS. These investment funds may be organized as corporations, limited partnerships or unit trusts depending on the source of investor capital and the investment managers’ objectives.

We are able to help you identify alternative fund structures and evaluate the regulatory and tax environment.

Assistance is provided in the preparation of all documentation and agreements in connection with the set-up and launch of the investment funds and in the preparation of license applications to relevant authorities. We will also provide clients with a full set of corporate organizational documents.

Your own private label fund will allow you to be completely independent from any financial institution or other service provider who offers you a cell or a compartment in their fund structure.

You will be able to establish your own brand and track record in the marketplace, whilst keeping full operational flexibility and remaining completely free to select the prime broker, custodian or other service provider of your choice.