VBK+CO provides middle office services for clients with alternative investment portfolios. Our services include a comprehensive suite of post-trade and pre-settlement services. We complete and review subscription documents, redemption documents, and transfer documents and when needed we provide the client feedback regarding the relevant document contents.

Because we understand that rapidly changing market conditions require immediate action, we facilitate business hours before and after normal office hours. Orders will be actively monitored on a daily basis until final confirmation has been received from the transfer agent.

Upon your request, we will provide status updates on every stage of the order process. Due to our pro-active trade monitoring, we are able to collect trade confirms faster which enables us to provide you with up to date position and risk information.
VBK’s professional and experienced staff will deal with various due diligence matters which are part of the investor identification process for subscriptions and transfers. Corporate actions will be timely communicated to clients and support is available to assist with the corporate action documents.

VBK+CO issues trading reports which include trading activity, corporate actions and portfolios. Additional reports can be provided for FX hedging, cash management and collateral management purposes.

Our core business is alternative hedge fund trading. We resolve issues regarding trading between post-trade and pre-settlement.

You will save time to focus on your business.