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Investor demand for service provider’ independency is always the primary question asked in surveys. We are dedicated to providing conflict-free and completely independent administration services. We are fully resourced and dedicated to providing services to financial institutions, investment management companies, hedge funds, family offices, pension funds or institutional investors worldwide. Members of our team have been involved in the hedge fund industry since its infancy and have worked with world’s most renown players.

Today, we are able to leverage that wealth of knowledge and apply it to provide the best service levels for a wider range of clients. We are also dedicated to provide the full range of alternative investment services, without deviating from our core competencies. No mandate is too complicated, too small, too large, or too time consuming. We focus on end-to-end bespoke solutions.

We are all individuals that share common goals and values which triggered us to pool our “assets” to create this exceptional partnership.

Partners of VBK+CO and directors of VBK+CO Group companies have extensive experience and share a direct and result driven approach. The primary goal is the pro-active provision of the very best solutions for you.

We represent a complementary mix of expertise, background, age and talent.